"New Wine in New Bottles"

Editoriaal 'KeramikMagazine', volume 27, Nr. 3/2005
Expositie met Marieke Pauwels in Galerij Link, Gent

Nathalie Doyen's work is about the development of a new formal language, based on her decoding of natural forms.

Her pieces carry titles such as "Capter", "Transcrire", "Décomposer" and "Répertorier" and derive from a world of meditative beauty, of audible silence, of the visible power of the inert.

Doyen develops a language of silence and patience; concepts that are hardly in keeping with the current spirit of the age. In her sculptures and installations she repeatedly brings porcelain forms together, assembling minute parts to form a whole.
These are shown either recumbent or suspended.

Wouter De Bruycker (owner of Galery Link) says of her work: "It suggests poetry and imagination, an extreme unbearable lightness, emotionally charged movements, longings and desires. It is about purity and simplicity, humility and meditation."