Curriculum vitae


  • BRUSSELS, Laure Verijdt Prize, awarded by the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Belgium.

  • COMINES-WARNETON, framing of the Project by the pupils of the Art Academy of Namur, 1st Prize in the “Art - Earth” contest.

  • BRUSSELS, Prize of the CGER, 11th Médiatine Contest 1993.

  • MUNICH, "Internationale Jugend Gestaltet"Prize.


  • Private collection, France.

  • The French Community of Belgium.

  • CNIFOP, Saint-Amand in Puisaye.

  • Museum of Contemporary Ceramics of Chateauroux.

  • The French Community of Belgium.

  • Royal Museum of Mariemont.


Since 1988, senior lecturer of sculptural ceramics.

Member of "Le Collège des Alumni de l'Académie Royale de Belgique"

Member of Smart asbl.

Member of World Craft Council - Belgique francophone



  • THE NETHERLANDS, publication of a 4 page article by Peggie Breitbach in NVK Magazine, "keramiek".
  • LONDON, Saatchi Galery, "Collect", the International Art Fair for contemporary objects, WCC-bf booth.
  • MONS, vitrines des créateurs du WCC-bf.
  • MONS, "Papier, autour et alentours", WCC-bf
  • LA BORNE (FR), Centre de la Céramique contemporaine, "D’Art et de Feu", la céramique contemporaine en Belgique.
  • BRAIVES-BURDINE, Parcours d’Artistes.
  • BRUXELLES, 150 ans de l’Académie de Beaux-Arts de Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
  • HÖHR-GRENZHAUSEN, Allemagne, « Keramik Europas- Westerwaldpreis 2014, Keramikmuseum Westerwald.
  • BRUXELLES, Galerie, "Céramique hors piste".
  • AMAY, "L’arbre à palabres", Maison de la Poésie.

  • BRUXELLES, "Ceramic Event V".
  • BRAIVES, "Expo un jour", Cultural center.
  • MONS. "Vitrine des créateurs", WCC-BF.
  • NAMUR. "40 years", Galerie Détour.
  • KARLSRUHE, Germany. "Pas de deux", Gestaltung/Kunst/Handwerk. Germany-Belgium. BdK.B.W ,Design Flanders, WCC-BF.
  • GENEVE, Swiss. "Garden Gnome". Carouge Museum.
  • LILLE. France, "Vanity", Expo PPGM en dossier, at the Catho.

  • TOURNAI, l’Art dans la Ville, exposition of the AKDT.
  • CERTALDO, Italy, Artist in residence in the "Méridiana", international ceramics centre centre.
  • MONS, "Mises en œuvre" , exposition of the members of the galery of WCC-BF.
  • BRUXELLES, Ceramic event, expo "tendance" in Galerie de l’ô.
  • SENEFFE, "Accès direct 12", exposition in the windows of the castle.
  • NAMUR , "Jeux de patience", Maison de la Culture, exposition in the hall width Cécile Ahn, Bernard Boigelot, Isabelle Grevisse and Robert Lemaire.
  • ANDENNE, « Bols en hommage à Jacques Loly », Biennale de la céramique.
  • MONS, "Connivences", Galery of the WCC-BF.
  • NAMUR, interview by Yves Jeunehomme on radio RUN width Caroline Andrin.

  • PARIS (FR), "Céramique 14", 8th Saloon of contemporary Ceramics, Honoured guest country: Belgium with Nathalie Doyen, Jeanne Opgenhaffen, Antonino Spoto and Fabienne Withofs. With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International
  • BRUXELLES, Galerie de l'ô, group exposition, "The one week exhibition".
  • NAMUR, exhibition of the teachers of the Royal Arts Academy, galerie du Beffroi.
  • LIERNU, parcours d'Artistes
  • Bruxelles,, exposition with Marie Chantelot and Marilyne Coppée.

  • MONS, "Triennale de la Céramique et du Verre", WCC-BF, in the Ancient Abattoirs
  • ARTE, "5O Degrés Nord", invited artist of the week, tv feature.
  • BRUXELLES, "10th birthday of the Clockarium Museum", installation in situ.
  • BRUXELLES, "Ceramic Event", Galerie de l'ô, mural.
  • BRUXELLES, "une oeuvre pour Haïti", at Botanique.
  • "Singuliers/Pluriels", carte blanche à Marie Chantelot, travelling expo with Laurence Deweer, Nathalie Doyen, Marie Chantelot, Claire Kirkpatrick, Akashi Murakami, Sophie Ronse, Anima Roos and Lydia Wauters. Marche, Maison de la Culture. Mons, Galerie du WCC-BF. Liège, in Chiroux. Bruxelles, at l'ISELP
  • NAMUR, preselections of the "canvas collectie/collection RTBF".

  • BRUXELLES, solo exhibition at Galerie de l'ô. Featured on ARTE tv channel in "50 Degrés Nord".
  • MERENDREE, "The fuping eleven", Group Exhibition of the 11 ceramists who were artist in residence in Fuping, China (July 2008), Gallery Lieve Lambrecht.
  • BRUSSELS, Nathalie Doyen and Monique Voz in ISELP, Bd de Waterloo 31,1000 BRUSSELS.
  • AMAY, The House of poetry, Group exhibition "Common Ground".
  • GHENT, Exhibition at Link Gallery with Marie Line Deblinquy, Marieke Pauwels and John Van Oers.
  • QUEBEC, ART3, Museum of Contemporary Art Les Laurentides, creation of artwork(s) in situ, in the parc outside. With the support of "Wallonie-Bruxelles international".
  • Hörn-Grenzhausen, GERMANY, Exhibition "Westerwald Prize", Ceramics of Europe, Museum of Ceramics Westerwald.
  • NAMUR, Galerie Détour, Group Exhibition "Abécédaires".

  • Wavre, "7 en terre", exposition with Caroline Andrin Pascaline Wollast, Sofi Van Saltbomel, Marie Delforge, Thérèse Lebrun and Marianne Lebrun in Château de l'hermitage.
  • Brussels, "20th Parcous d'artistes"" in Saint-Gilles, at the City Hall.
  • FUPING, CHINA, artist in residence at FLICAM, Fule International Ceramic Museum, realisation of an artwork for the Belgian Pavillion. With the support of "Wallonie-Bruxelles international".
  • HERBEUMONT, "Petits formats, multiples propos", Exhibition in the Centre for Contemporary Art of Belgian Luxemburg, CACLB.

    RAMILLIES, journées du Patrimoine (Patrimony Days) in the "Basse Cense" farm.

    BRUXELLES, "Dialogue", Joint Exhibition at "la Galerie de Prêt d'oeuvre d'Art" in The Markets (De Markten).

  • ZULTE, Exhibition with Felicity Aylieff and Anne-Maris Laureys, Centrum Goed Werk.
  • BOIS DU LUC, 6th Artour Bi-annual exhibition, Contemporary Art and Patrimony, outside installation.
  • GHENT, Exhibition Link Gallery.

    TOURNAI, "Créations face aux Collections". 250th birthday of the Academy of art, Museum of the Arts.
  • LA LOUVIERE, Exhibition with Andre Navez and Zhu Tian Meng, Ianchelevici Museum.

  • GHENT, Lineart Art Fair, stand Link Gallery.
  • RAMILLIES, outside installation at the farm "Basse-Cense", Patrimony Days.
  • SAINT-HUBERT, Contemporary Artists Ceramists", Abbatial Palace.
  • GHENT, group Exhibition Link Gallery.
  • GHENT, intervention in prep school "De Oogappel".

  • LESSINES, invitation by the Commission for the Integration of Artwork of the Ministry of the French Community for an intention of integration at the "Notre-Dame à la Rose" Hospital at Lessines – not retained.
  • MORLANWELZ, exhibition "Of Immaterial Days After, porcelains of Tournai - porcelains of today", Royal Museum of Mariemont.
  • GHENT, exhibition with Marieke Pauwels, Link Gallery.

  • TOURINNE-LA-GROSSE, "From the Earth to the Music", Saint Martin festivals.
  • JAMOIGNE, 20 years of the Centre of Contemporary Art of Belgian Luxembourg, Grange du Faing.
  • HUY, exhibition with Bernard Gilbert, Juvenal Gallery, Bolly-Charlier Foundation.

  • TOURINNE-LA-GROSSE, "Shared Glances", Saint Martin's day Festivals, old mill.
  • AIM, technical assistant of Marie-Line Debliquy for a preliminary draft of integration to architecture.
  • BRUSSELS, Ecolo debate "Is a merry culture emerging?"
  • CHARLEROI, "Archi-textures", books of Artists in the French Community, Museum of the Art schools.
  • NAMUR, "Silences", Sambre Space, House of the Culture.

  • JAMOIGNE, "Nature to be played", Grange du Faing, Centre of Contemporary Art of Belgian Luxembourg.
  • VIRTON, exhibition with Laurence Dervaux, Old Chapel, Centre of Contemporary Art of Belgian Luxembourg.
  • PERUWELZ, "the Second Adventure Meeting", Communal Park, Cultural Hall.
  • EBEN-EMAEL, "Man and Light", European Exhibition of Fantastic Art, Park of the tower of Eben-Ezer of Robert Garcet.
  • AMAY, "Crossed Correspondences", the House of Poetry.
  • MONS, "Obsession (S)", Mundaneum.

  • BRUSSELS, "Opening of the room of consultation and sale", The Flying Cow Project, Arte Contemporanea Dinamica, Paolo Boselli.
  • TOURINNE-LA-GROSSE, "the wind", festival of Saint Martin's day, Wahenge Farm.
  • GESVES, "May festival", international symposium "Sculpture/Nature".
  • MARSEILLES, "the Other, the window at the other", photographic journal le poste nomade, Point of view Museum.
  • AMAY, "From one river bank to the other", the House of Poetry.
  • ANS, "Artistic Marathon", "Comme vous émoi" and the Ans’ Arts Centre.
  • MONS, "Archi-Textures", Books of Artists in the French Community, Mundaneum.

  • BRUSSELS, "Zou", The Flying Cow Project, Arte Contemporanea Dinamica, Paolo Boselli.

  • BRUSSELS, "Archi-textures", Books of Artists in the French Community, the House of Books.
  • BRUSSELS, "Transitory in Art", presentation with the Art Academy of Molenbeek.
  • IVOIR, "Island Monument", 2nd Biennial of Monumental Sculpture.
  • BRUSSELS, "This Saturday", current Platform, The Flying Cow Project.

  • BRUSSELS, "Books Objects", the French Community and Royal Museum of Mariemont, Book Fair
  • ROESELARE, "Nature, architecture, structures", Villa Eksternest.
  • TOURINNE-LA-CHAUSSEE, “Flow”, workshop intervention.
  • VIENNA, “Horizons”, observations.

  • HAMOIS-EN-CONDROZ, “Heps 97” symposium of sculpture, Macors Companies.
  • TUNIS, framing of the Place du Bardo mural ceramics project, carried out by the pupils of the Art Academy of Namur and the National Centre of Ceramic Art of Tunis for the Friendships Province of Namur and Gouvernerat of Tunis.

  • LA LOUVIERE, “Quincunx”, Ianchelevici Museum.
  • VIANA C CASTELO, intervention at the Polytechnic Institute with Marie-Line Debliquy.
  • LIEGE, "Art and Nature", le Feu, Les Brasseurs.
  • COMINES-WARNETON, "Earth - Art” contest, framing of the project carried out by the pupils of the Art Academy of Namur.
  • AMAY, "Inside-outside", the House of Poetry.

  • TOURNAI, Exposition "Prize of the City", Halle aux Draps.
  • SAINT-AMAND IN PUISAYE, Symposium “Modelling of great dimension”.
  • NAMUR, "Cracks", Gallery Détour.

  • BRUSSELS, "Tertulio", Ouvrons les Ateliers 94, Atelier Saint-Anne.
  • OSTEND, Dialoog Gallery.

  • BRUSSELS, Exhibition "Médiatine Prize".
  • AUXERRE, "Ceramic Expressions", Leblanc-Duvernoy Museum.
  • TOURNAI, Galerie Hors Limits, Tibère Bayet.
  • TOURNAI, Exposition "Prize of the City", Halle aux Draps.
  • OSTEND, Dialoog Gallery.
  • BRUSSELS, "For all the Art of the World", OXFAM, ULB.
  • LEUZE, Exhibition "Artistic Prize", Town hall.
  • OSTEND, Dialoog Gallery.

  • VENLO, Van Bomel – Van Dam Museum.
  • HOHR-GRENZHAUSEN, Keramikmuseum Westerwald.
  • MARCHE-EN-FAMENNE, House of Culture, “Ceramic Expressions”.
  • BRUSSELS, Saint-Gilles, "Course of Artist 3", Atelier 44 rue Jourdan.
  • MULHOUSE, "The Essential Artery", International Art Centre.
  • ANDENNE, 3rd Biennial of Ceramics, Town hall.

  • BRUSSELS, Exhibition "Prize Napoleon Godecharle".
  • CHATEAUROUX, 6th Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics, Cordeliers.
  • NODEBAIS, "7 Belgian Ceramists", Abiermont Farm.
  • BRUSSELS, Gallery Théorèmes.

  • ANDENNE, 2nd Biennial of Ceramics, Place Perron.
  • KORTERMARK, "Ceramists of the French Community", Desko Gallery.

  • BRUSSELS, Cultural Centre of the French Community Le Botanique, Gallery.
  • CHATEAUROUX, 5th Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics, Cordeliers.

  • TOURNAI, “Borders do not stop the clouds”, House of Culture.
  • OSTEND, Museum of Modern Art (PMMK).
  • LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE, Art Museum
  • MONS, Museum of Art, “Briksteen”.
  • BRUSSELS, Gallery La Main.

  • LA LOUVIERE, “Aspects of Art”, Achilles Chavée Hall.
  • TOULOUSE, 1st Biennial of the European Art Schools.
  • LIMOGES, Gallery of the Brousseau Market.
  • LA LOUVIERE - MOSCOW - BEIJING - BRUSSELS, Contest on a train between Brussels - Beijing, team realization of a collective exhibition of Belgian Artists.
  • FAENZA, Exhibition of the 45ème International Ceramics Contest.
  • COURTAI, European Symposium “Briksteen”, Brickyard Koramic Terca.
  • CLERMONT-FERRAND, AUBUSSON, “Art moving”, Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
  • BRUSSELS, “Namur-Moves”, National Lottery.
  • BRUSSELS, Exhibition of the “Irene Di Robillan Prize”, Museum of Ixelles.